Laser Tag equipment

Highest Quality Components

Laser Tag Toronto

Building the cheapest system has never been our goal. Building the best, most reliable system has always been at the heart of our laser tag system design. You’re relying on Laserplay to deliver quality and you won’t be disappointed. Laserplay utilizes high quality military quality components throughout our vest. Any component can break, but we do everything we can to make sure it won’t break.

For example, the red button at the end of a phaser is a military quality micro-switch with a lengthy mean failure rate. It can be pressed in and out over a million times, on average, before it wears down.

This commitment to quality is the reason Laserplay operators are more concerned about operations and management than vest issues.

Lightweight “Athletic Designed” Vest

If your equipment is uncomfortable, will players want to come back? Our vest works well for men, women and children of all ages.

Our vest weighs approximately six pounds. It is a vinyl material that is tough, yet soft. The “athletic designed fit” molds to the player’s shape easily and gives the player greater freedom of movement. This is one of the reasons we have best indoor playground Toronto.

Two Handed Phaser with Safety Foam Glove

The Laserplay phaser is fitted with a soft protective foam glove, which covers 50% of the phaser, protecting against injury. Our phaser also has a big, red “safety button.” Easy to understand, the “safety button” ensures two-handed, controlled play. Parents and players will appreciate your efforts to protect everyone playing.

Four Team Switch-On-Fly Vest

More teams mean more options for your players. Every Laserplay LT-12 vest can be any of four colors: blue, green, red, and yellow. Since all four super bright LEDS are in each of your vests, you’ll be able to maximize the number of players in any game format.

Solid State LEDS

Nobody wants to change bulbs. With Laserplay solid state LEDS, your vest will look great and they’ll keep looking great. This includes the white LED hit indicators.

Brilliant Laser Beam

A solid state laser diode creates a dynamic laser show with each phaser blast. In a hazed environment, this safe, highly visible laser beam creates a cool Sci-Fi effect!

Precision Infrared and Laser Mounting

Players want to tag what they aim at. A precisely machined assembly accurately aligns both the infrared and laser for maximum targeting. A precision lens focuses the infrared signal into a beam allowing a target to be tagged at well over 100 feet.

Single Laser Pulse and Rapid Laser Pulse

Players will enjoy the option of single laser pulse and four possible levels of rapid laser pulse speeds built into L equipment and software. The Laserplay LT-12 vest features rapid fire all the time for every game unless you select it off. Most other systems in the market only offer rapid fire as a power-up or enhancement at limited times during the game.

Indestructible Phaser Cord

The critical point of weakness in most laser tag equipment is the phaser cord. We’ve learned this the hard way over nineteen years ago, so you can rest assured it won’t be a problem with Laserplay equipment.

Our phaser cord connects to the phaser and vest internally creating a virtually indestructible cord. Shorting out, theft and other problems are eliminated. Customers don’t suffer with intermittent equipment that causes dissatisfaction and loss of future revenue.

Custom Recharge Cable

You’ll want to know for certain when your laser tag vest is charging. Our custom cable is easy to use and is designed this way because of 19 years of real world testing.

All Connectors Are Locking

The LT-12 connectors are maintenance free. They take a beating and stay connected.

4.2 Volt Quick Charge Lithium Ion Battery System

With lock-ins, birthday parties and group parties, your laser tag playground equipment needs to stay charged to keep you in business. Our Toronto indoor playground provides best care for the equipment to make you enjoy your time 24/7.

We use a 4.2-volt maintenance free battery. New batteries run for 20 plus hours on a single charge and are memory free. Through our five-year “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty we guarantee 16 hours of continuous operation or we will replace the battery for free.

Our quick charging system will recharge a vest to 8 hours of playing capacity in only 2 hours (a full charge takes approximately 8 hours). The system does not require you to remove the batteries in order to recharge them – the batteries stay safely in the vest and can be charged via our custom designed recharge cable.

“The electronics are excellent.”

– Brett Hamilton, Technician, Hollywood Connection, West Valley City, UT

900 MHz Solid State Digital Radio

Players want real-time scoring and hit recognition during the game. Radio communication between vests and the game computer makes advanced, seamless game play possible.

Laserplay has been using radio-based systems since the beginning. This allows for instant on vest scoring, increased interactivity between players, and reduced payroll costs. During busy times, our radio-based system increases revenue through quicker turnover of players. Laserplay uses a solid state digital radio, which means no crystals, no tuning and low power consumption.

High-Tech Mylar Shoulder Speakers

Sound effects help your players enjoy and understand the game. The LASERTRON LT-12 speakers place sounds where they should be – at the top of each shoulder close to your player’s ears.

We offer the widest assortment of sound, speech, and effects. The Laserplay vest announces everything from CHIPs power-ups to a successful tag. Sound effects range from our standard laser blast to a hi-tech recharge sound effect. The durable high-tech Mylar speakers reproduce these sounds with unbeatable quality.

With the new LT-12 upgrade, even more speech sound effects are utilized on the pack. No other system gives you as much verbal feedback or instruction during the game.

Injection Molded Plastic Parts

Injection molding offers durable plastic pieces. LASERTRON has invested in steel molds to insure we provide our customers with high-quality and durable plastic parts for years to come.

Industrial Micro Processors by Motorola

25 years of research and development have led LASERTRON to these processors. We found that the Motorola processors are the most adaptable and versatile processors used worldwide.

Five Vibrating Target Areas (360° Target Area)

Your players want to be able to tag other players. Your LT-12 system will provide you with a large 360° target area, making it impossible to lean, twist or bend away from other players. Shoulder sensors are placed on top of the shoulder, not in the front and back, with sensors facing out in all directions. This dramatically reduces the benefit of merely standing sideways to avoid tags. In addition, there are three bright target areas on the phaser itself.

Players can see, hear, and feel which direction they are being tagged from. Visible white light tag indicators give a bursting strobe effect that allows a player to easily see where they have successfully tagged an opposing player.

When a player is tagged, they will have an idea where the tag came from. Each laser tag target area has its own independent vibrator, giving players tactile feedback during the game. Laserplay is the only high-end laser tag system to place vibrators in every target area.

U.S.-Based Design and Manufacturing

LASERTRON equipment is proudly designed, tested and manufactured in the United States, the largest laser tag market in the world. LASERTRON is the only high-end laser tag equipment manufacturer building in the United States.

Besides the comfort of knowing how your equipment was built, having all of our design, manufacturing and maintenance in the U.S. means you’ll always be able to get parts and answers quickly. Our design team is very agile. In the rare cases where a problem arises, our entire design team is readily available to address the situation quickly.