Laser Tag Strategies


Laser tag is an interesting, active game where you can check your warrior skills, strategy abilities and simply enjoy your time. It’s a team game where each player of the team uses phaser to discharge a laser unit and tag their opponents in one of the sensors located on the vest or phaser.The main purpose is to score the highest amount of points in the time allowed, and to protect your teammates as well.

Here are some advices we want to give to beginners.

One of the main things in this game is to pick up correct strategy. Players normally think that first thing is to defend yourself and then to become a threat to the opponent. From one point of view this statement is correct. Find out where you will be hiding first. The place should have enough space and it should be not that far and not very close to your opponent. It should let you see everything and be able to back down in case of threat.

Normally wins the one who finds the opponent first. But newcomers are always scared to look around in order not to get shot.  And those ones who decide to come out to see something are stuck at one certain aim, without seeing anything around. Don’t be afraid of looking around. It is very important, do see, but you should be very careful and fast. Better to observe from the side, if you have this opportunity. But if you are doing It from up, be sure u will cope in 2 seconds. First second-your enemy notices you, second one he aims, and third – shoots.

Newcomers don’t move enough. If your location is unsuccessful, change it. For example if you are left for “defeating the base” it’s ALWAYS a mistake: if your team is moving forward, they would get more chance to get the enemy with your help. And if your enemies will shoot all your team and will reach your base, where you are …. alone. In any case, if your team wins, you will be useless. If you are at your position without any help and with bad location, you have just three things to do:

  1. Back down as soon as possible.
  2. Shoot off till the end
  3. Shout and ask for help

But don’t forget to be careful, because you can be heard by your enemies. One more thing about newcomers is that they are stubborn. Once they see the enemy they forget about everything.  They cannot even imagine that their opponent can move and locate to some other more advantageous place. If your opponent found you, you should change your location without him noticing where you went.

Most popular game types

Here we have basic rules to our most popular game screenplays.


One of the simplest game type available in our entertainment center.

Goal: to tag an opposite player.

Opponent: every single person which currently playing.

Points: each person gets an operator definable number of points for tagging opposite player (default 25) and loose them for being tagged (default 5).

Vests: charging when the game start at IR charger in the arena and provide each player an unlimited number of laser pulses and energy units.

Shields: when player being tagged vest will say “shields up” and at an operator definable length of time (default 3 sec) the pack will be unable to attack or be tagged, after this time pass away vest will say “shields down” and the player will be fully in the game again.

Additional elements: not using.

Team Free-For-All

A team game variation of Free-For-All including 2-4 players team.

Goal: to tag an opposite team players.

Opponent: opposing team members.

Points: each person gets an operator definable number of points for tagging player of other team (default 25) and loose them for being tagged or tagging players of own team (default 5).

Vests: same as Free-For-All.

Shields: same as Free-For-All.

Additional elements: not using.

Team Game (with bases)

The most popular game type.

Goal: to tag an opposing team players.

Opponent: opposite team members.

Points: same as Team Free-For-All, also players can receive extra an operator definable number of points (default 100) by tagging base targets of other team.

Vests: limited number of laser pulses (default 60) and energy units (default 15); if player run out one of these he or she will be able to re-energize vest at IR recharger.

Shields: not using.

Additional elements: include base targets, also CHIPs modes can be used.

Laser tag is popular with a wide range of ages. If to compare it with paintball, laser tag is painless because it uses no physical projectiles. Also indoor versions may be considered less physically demanding because most indoor venues prohibit running or roughhousing.

We’re proud of our giant 6000 square foot Sport Laser Tag Arena at LASER PLAY. We introduce the LASERTRON LT-12 laser-tag system, which includes a pick your own CHIPs Mode feature. Click here for more information.

The arena is divided into two team zones: the green team and the red team. The laser tag arena features three large ramp structures and four bases. With hundreds of obstacles, there are plenty of places to hide. The laser tag game options are endless. You’ll have a blast.

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