Nerf Wars


What is the Nerf Wars?

The Nerf Wars is the paintless paintball game. Experience intense head-to-head competition with the ultimate power of the Nerf Wars! Choose a blaster color and go into battle as the Red Team or the Blue Team.

Red team – are going into battle with fury using animal instincts and flair. Releasing the inner beast, tear the enemies apart!

Blue team – are cold-blooded and tactical. During the battle they turn off the feelings and emotions just relying on knowledge, experience and analysis the battlefield and opponents.

Game Types

Battle Scenario 01 – Team Deathmatch

The goal – Elimination of the enemy team

The winning team is that which will stay on the battlefield. Each player has one life, when one player hit another player,this player is quite the game and must leave the arena before the end of the current battle. In case if two teams have a live players after the battle time ends, the winner is that team which have the most players in the arena.

Battle Scenario 02 – VIP Escort

The goal – to protect the VIP on the way to command center, for the opposite team does not give access for VIP to reach the final destination during 5 minutes.

Terrorists captured the missile and start countdown launch system.If VIP will not cancel the launch within 6 minutes everything will be destroyed.To do it he needs to pass recognition procedure on terrorist’s base within 10 sec.

One player from the red team gets VIP (he has only one life, and can not respawn). Other players of his team have to protect the VIP on the way to the opposite end of the arena. The game ends if the time is gone, the VIP is killed or cancel the launch system (to do it he must touch the base and count to 10 Mississippi). If you are hit,run back to you home base and respawn to fight!

Battle Scenario 03 – Capture The flag

The goal – to capture the enemy team’s flag and bring it to yours base.

Hit player must return to his base to respawn if the player was hit while he was carrying a flag, he should leave it on that place where he was hit. The flag can be picked up by player of any team. That player who bring the enemy’s command flag to his base should give a signal.

Battle Scenario 04 – Zombie

The goal – to survive during a zombie attack. The winner is the last survivor of the players, not the infected zombie.

One of the players becomes a zombie – it can not be killed when hit, but hit delays it for 10 seconds. If the zombie hit the player he should stop and say 10 times the Mississippi and only then continue to move and shoot. The purpose of zombie is to infect all other players, for that he should get a shot at them. The player who was hit by a zombie also becomes a zombie.



Deliver a double shot with the Atlas XVI-1200 blaster that fires 2 rounds at a time. The blaster has a spring-action cocking mechanism and fires at a velocity up to 80 fps (24 mps). It comes with 12-round magazine. Spring-action blaster has a trigger lock, and tactical rail. Experience the intensity of Nerf Wars with the Atlas XVI-1200 blaster!


Nerf War Rules

Honor Rules

Cheating ruins the game for every player directly and indirectly, so do not do it. Arguing about hits also causes the game to come to a halt and ruins the fun.

If you are not certain you hit someone then do not call the shot as a hit. If you are certain then call the shot, if the person wants to argue with you about it then just let it go. CHEATERS WILL MAKE THEIR OWN REPUTATION AND WILL BECOME KNOWN AS CHEATERS – CHEATERS WILL EVENTUALLY NOT BE INVITED TO WARS.

If someone says they hit you then take their word for it, but do not argue about it.

Safety Rules

  • No intentional face shots.
  • No physical contact with other players – no pushing, pulling, wrestling, hitting, etc. No wrestling weapons away from people.
  • When striking with a melee weapon you may only tap the opponent – no hard contact.
  • You must always wear eye protection during battles – if you are caught without eye protection you will be out of the battle until the next one starts and will take a point penalty.

General Rules

  • No going outside the battle zones.
  • Only nerf guns may be used – no water or other weapon types.
  • During time outs (called only by adults) – stop shooting (all attacks stop).
  • Do not shoot or throw anything over the fences, out of bounds, or on to the roof.
  • No whining, complaining, or arguing – this will result in you sitting out for a while and/or losing a point.
  • Do not throw or drop guns – they break easily
  • You must always be wearing a team ID armband on both arms (this indicates what type of soldier you are and the team you are on).
  • You are restricted to your weapon types and darts at the beginning of each battle, but once combat begins you can use anything.
  • You can loot dead soldiers weapons and bullets, but you cannot loot custom weapons. After the battle is over you must return all weapons.

Combat Rules

  • Do not start the battle/leave your base until the main whistle blows (2 blows of the whistle). There will be a warning whistle 30-60 seconds before the battle starts (1 whistle blow, this is for recon only to start moving into positions).
  • Listen for the end-of-battle whistle (2 blows of the whistle) and report to the assembly area to record your points.
  • PLAY HONEST – if you are hit then you are dead or wounded. Hits count as follows:
    1. If another players says hit then you are hit – take their word for it, because you may not have felt the hit. If another player says “recon hit” then even if you where hit on the big toe you are considered dead.
    2. If you are not sure you hit someone then do not call it as a hit – lying will cause you to lose points or a rank.
    3. Only hits to the torso or head count as kills (recons hits count as kills no matter where they hit)
    4. Hits to the arms, side of the shoulder, or legs is considered a wound and you cannot use the limb that was hit.
  • If you are dead then you cannot communicate with other players at all. The only thing you can yell out is your team color. If you are caught saying anything else then you are out of the battle and will lose a point.
  • All soldiers only have 1 live for most games.
  • If you are out of the battle do not communicate with other players at all.
  • There is no friendly fire – shooting allies on purpose or accidently does not do damage or kill them.
  • You cannot throw rounds – they must be shot from a gun.

Join the Battle

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