Yogurty’s Newmarket


Try perfect ice cream and frozen yogurt, with an extensive assortment of flavours and toppings. Yogurty’s Newmarket at Laser Play let YOU choose what you enjoy.

We also know you love the freedom that comes with getting to choose your own topping or combination of toppings. Be creative, put on a little, put on a lot. It’s all part of the fun at Yogurty’s, the go-to destination for Canadians who have discovered that a great snack can also be a healthy.

Come to Laser Play – place where you are the maestro, and create your own frozen yogurt masterpiece. There’s no better way to indulge your passion for the best frozen yogurt in Newmarket.

At Yogurty’s, you rule! It’s so simple:


chocolate chocolate truffle explosion
vanilla french vanilla
oreo cookies+cream explosion
strawbery strawberry fields
cotton-candy cotton candy
tiramisu tiramisu
pistachio pistachio
pina-colada pina colada
white-chocolate-truffle white chocolate truffle
salted-caramel salted caramel
give-me-s’mores give me s'mores
strawberry-bananarama strawberry bananarama
dulce-de-leche-heaven dulce de leche heaven
creme-brule crème brûlée
raspberry raspberry
pink-grapefruit-sorbet pink grapefruit sorbet
bananarama bananarama
tart tart
orange orange
wild-watermelon wild watermelon


almond roca almond roca
angrybirds95 angry birds gummies
brownie bites brownie bites
butterfinger butterfinger
caramel hot fudge caramel hot fudge
chocolate hot fudge chocolate hot fudge
cheesecake_bites41 cheesecake bites
chocolate rocks chocolate rocks
chocolate sprinkles chocolate sprinkles
cookies n cream clusters cookies n cream clusters
frosted animal cookies frosted animal cookies
gummi bears gummi bears
gummy frogs gummy frogs
milk caramel turtles milk caramel turtles
mini yogurt chips mini yogurt chips
mnm_minis11 m&m minis
mochi rice cakes mochi rice cakes
peanut butter cups sliced peanut butter cups sliced
rainbow sprinkles rainbow sprinkles
red velvet cake bites red velvet cake bites
roasted almonds roasted almonds
sweetened shredded coconut sweetened shredded coconut
trolli sour mini worm trolli sour mini worms
white chocolate chips white chocolate chips



Check available flavours and toppings by visiting our store!